World Cup Wags – Caroline Fleming (Denmark)

Caroline Fleming (or Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff to give her official name) is the girlfriend of the Arsenal and Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner.

She divorced from a rich banker and is reported to be worth over £400m, which would dwarf any riches that the Danish Player-of-the-Year could possibly have saved in his short career.

She is also an accomplished TV presenter, which is how she Bendtner who was a surprise guest on one of her shows.

Bendtner’s Denmark team are playing for their World Cup lives today when they face Japan, as nothing less than a win will see them sent home, and I am certain that Baroness Caroline, along with the rest of Denmark will be watching with baited breath to see if her (usually) over-confident boyfriend can come up with the goods when needed. And they have never been more needed than today……….


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  1. the is a very old uggly woman i can’t believe that nickolas can look at woman like that ;the is terrible he loosed mind !!!

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