World Cup WAGs – Bianca Kajlich (USA)

This American beauty Bianca Kajlich is the ex-Mrs Landon Donovan, and is an accomplished TV Star and actress. She started her carrer as a ballerina and spent seven years with Olympic Ballet Theater before deciding to become a professional actress.

Bianca has appeared in numerous TV shows and also in the films ‘Bring It On’, ’10 Things I Hate About You’, and ‘Halloween: Resurrection’, and has appeared in Maxims Top 100 Hot women lists, so she is well known for being a bit of a stunner!

Landon Donovan, although he divorced Bianca, still credits her with making him into the best player ever to come out of America. He said recently: “When people here divorce they think ‘Oh, it must have been so terrible,'” Donovan explained, “Because of the person I was involved with, Bianca Kajlich, and because of the way our relationship has gone, that’s the reason I’ve been successful. She’s meant more to my career than anybody.

“People think divorce – ‘How could you be playing well when you’re going through a divorce?’ That has nothing to do with it. The divorce was something that was between us. Regardless of whether we are together or not, having her in my life has made me a better person and made me a lot better soccer player.”

Well full marks to him. I would certainly want to stay friendly with my ex if she was a gorgeous as Bianca!

Bianca Kajlich-

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