Which WAGs are here to stay for the World Cup?

 As the FIFA World Cup 2014 draws ever closer, headlines have been awash with stories about the wives and girlfriends of our nations’ favourite football players, and whether or not they will be in attendance at the 2014.

 England manager Roy Hodgson made headlines recently by banning the wives and girlfriends from the pre-World Cup stages in the US, but the ladies are still determined to go ahead anyway – how long they’ll stay however, is anybody’s guess. With Brazil the hot favourites to win this year, we could see some WAGs sticking around and some waving goodbye pretty early on – here’s a roundup of who we’re most looking forward to seeing and their odds for staying in for the long haul.


The South American beauties

Thaissa Carvalho

Who better to prosper in the World Cup than the players native to the hosting country? Brazilian babes Thaissa Carvalho and Gabriella Lenzi, or ‘gatas bellisimas’ as they are known in Brazil, will surely be sticking around for a long time if we are to believe the odds that Brazil are favourites to win.

The climate will be no match for some of our other favourite South American teams however – boasting the widely recognised ‘best footballer in the world’, Lionel Messi, Argentina surely have a fair chance of taking home the famed cup. Standing on the sides watching proudly then will be Antonella Roccuzzo, bringing along their beautiful baby boy Thiago. Popstar Karina Tejeda should also be in attendance to watch boyfriend Sergio Aguero sink a few goals, if she’s not too busy singing of course.


The European goddesses



2010’s winners Spain certainly aren’t going to go down this year without a fight, and Fernando Torres’ wife Olalla Domínguez Liste will proudly stand watch as they battle to maintain their previous record. It certainly wouldn’t feel right if the singer of 2010’s World Cup anthem Shakira didn’t show up to the World Cup to watch her boyfriend Gerard Pique doing what he does best, and with Spain being second favourites to Brazil, she should be sticking around for a while too.


Despite coming in at only 28/1, the WAGs of the England team were so determined to get to the World Cup despite their ban that they might even stick around after England bow out. Expect steely determination from Scouse beauty Coleen Rooney, wife of Wayne Rooney. The England lads may want to keep their eyes away from the audience however if Daniel Sturridge’s missus is in attendance – beautiful lingerie model Jourdan Dunn could prove a welcome distraction.


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