What becomes of ex-WAGs? Lee Bowyer’s ex explains

What Becomes of Ex-WAGS?

One minute you’re spending time on a private yacht moored in the Mediterranean sea, the next you’re back in your old room at your parents’, trying to find an affordable place to rent. What’s it like to lose the superstar footballer boyfriend and the rights to his platinum credit card? Kathleen Baker reveals all!

Money Really Can’t Buy Happiness

While punters who’ve won a bundle on the NZ sports betting they enjoy online may disagree, Baker says that she’s never felt lonelier than when she was kitted out in Louboutin heels spending money like water. She met Lee Bowyer, the West Ham midfielder, at Chinawhite, a club in London. He liked her Paris Hilton-look so much he called her up just after she got home. At 4am!

Bowyer invited her over to his place for a party, which Baker declined, telling him she was already in bed, but they started dating soon afterwards.

Baker said in a matter of weeks she was flown up to where Bowyer was stationed, being on loan to Newcastle United at the time, to stay with the player. She says that when she first saw his house she was dumbstruck. It was enormous, and there were gleaming sports cars in the driveway.

Getting Shacked Up

Baker revealed that she moved in with Bowyer quite quickly, giving up her burgeoning modelling career for a life that consisted of shopping as and when she felt like it, and zooting around in her new Mercedes SLK. She says she thought nothing of splashing out on Robert Cavalli dresses at €2 000 a pop, or Christian Louboutin shoes for €500. All with Bowyer’s credit card, naturally.

She says that Bowyer asked her to pick where to go on holiday, and the next thing she knew she was whisked off to a yacht on the Mediterranean, and says that the footballer even bought her two horses.

WAG Life Gets Frustrating

Baker said she was pressured in to stopping work, with Bowyer insisting that he would take of her, but that she was starting to feel like a walking credit card. She said frustration kicked in one year in to the relationship, and spoke of her boyfriend often heading out on his own, to spend time with his friends rather than with her. She speaks of feeling isolated, and losing weight as a result, and grimly acknowledges that she felt like some sort of cliché.

Infidelity Was the Final Nail in the Coffin

Baker says that Bowyer was away for the weekend, on a golfing trip in Dubai with friends when she was confronted with pictures of him cosying up to a strange woman in the papers. She left quite soon afterwards, moving back in to her parents’ place, and resuming her modelling career.

Baker says that, as difficult as it’s been, it’s good to be back with real friends. She’s met someone new, and although the days of a limitless credit card are behind her, she has no regrets.

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