What Do Football Players and their WAGs Do In Their Private Time?

When we look at football players, all we see is a great body, tough muscles and breathtaking condition. We keep asking ourselves ‘How the hell do they run so fast, and ALL the time?’ and we can’t help but notice that they are obviously spending so much time training. But, what do football players do in their private time? What do they eat, drink, who do they hang out with? Well, I guess that’s far more interesting to know than which workouts they use to stay in shape.

I was always wondering whether they can have a drink or two (three, four… or more) when they go out, because, honestly, when I drink that much, I can hardly get out of bed the next morning, not to mention exercise.

Apparently, football players have a strict schedule and diet during the cups and classifications. But, when that’s done and they’re free, let’s say, for a month or two, or when they are on their vacations, they turn out to be pretty normal, like you and me. They could do whatever they want, of course, as long as they stay in the limits of normal.

For example, they enjoy some quality time with their friends and family, and they DO cheat their diets and take a bite of pizza from time to time and a beer or two. Moreover, and especially the younger players, love going out and getting drunk, picking up some girls and returning home early in the morning. Some even like prolonging the whole ‘going back home’ for a day or two, depending on the fun they have.

Also, they travel a lot, obviously, and get to enjoy all the wonderful things their journeys bring. They love the extreme sports experiences, visiting secret beaches and getting a taste of how the life of the locals feels like. Needless to mention, they never miss the hottest and most trendy places to visit, so if you’re in luck, you might just bump into them while you’re on a trip.

Not to stay that far off the game but still in the commodity of their home, football players, as we can see on social media, also like to play computer games. They download games or go to, for example, netbet.co.uk, and play their favorite online casino game. This way, they also earn some money while they’re on vacation.

Speaking of indoor activities, football players also like to take their time and read a book from time to time. They are known to be active learners, so they also like taking some classes from home and learning some new skill or so. Then, of course, they also perish doing the simplest things, as watching TV with their WAGs and/or kids, and spend their family time together.

No matter the choice of leisure time, football players get to live their lives to the fullest. Hard work pays off, right?

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