‘WAGs are prostitutes’ says Wayne Rooney vice girl

Helen looking cute!There is rarely a week goes by without the gossip columns talking about a famous footballer that has cheated on his wife, either with vice girls or footballing groupies (wannabe WAGs?). Helen Wood, the vice girl who famously slept with Wayne Rooneyand then went on to win a Big Brother series, has now spoken out in a documentary about the footballers wives who let the cheats get away with it simply because they love the lifestyle more than their pride.

Wood said in the Documentary by Amal Fashanu: “If they want to stay with their husbands [after finding out about cheating] then that is them saying that that is OK.

“I’m not saying that all footballers are the same or all of these wags have gone out there to marry for money – that would be so unfair to say that.”

But she continued…. “A lot of wags knew what they were marrying into and they thought it was acceptable because they get all of the goods in return and the guy can go out and do what they want.”

“That is a form of prostitution. Would they take them back if they were a chippy worker and they were peeling potatoes all day? No they wouldn’t. They like the lifestyle.”

“It pisses me off how it constantly gets brought up how I’m a home wrecker and stuff.

“I wasn’t a home wrecker in my eyes.

“Why is a girl a s*** for sleeping with a footballer when he’s married, that’s b*******, HE is married.

“I denied everything for a year and then it ended up coming out.

“My whole world got flipped upside down.”

Does she have a good point? Don’t a lot of women that are NOT WAGs stay with there husbands too? Does that make them prostitutes?

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