Trio of Wags Show Off Their Shapely Figures

The football season may be over and the players are keeping a low profile for a week or two, take note Ryan Giggs, so now is the time for the wife’s and girlfriends to make the front pages as they show off their shapely figures on the beach.

First up is Toni Terry, wife of John, who is sunning herself on the sands in Abu Dhabi and making quite a splash. She has appeared in various different bikinis and costumes, but two in particular stand out. The first a red polka dot number shows off her shapely figure to a tee, just how do women look so good after having two kids? The second is a black one piece costume which only the most self assured women would even dream of wearing.

Colleen Rooney comes next and she was strutting her stuff in a black bikini, again showing off her great body. She is on a family holiday in Barbados, with husband Wayne and son Kai, and was clearly in great shape as she soaked up the rays.

Finally Christine Bleakley is hitting the beaches in Las Vegas with boyfriend Frank Lampard, and she wasted no time in showing off her svelte figure in a blue and white bikini. The couple looked closer than ever as they exchanged kisses and it is no surprise that Christine now has a ring on her finger.

When you look at these beautiful women, and they are despite what people say, it makes you wonder why any of these footballers would even dream of cheating on them.

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