Todays WAG – Alena Seredova (Mrs Buffon)

Hot Alena
Hot Alena
The Italian WAGs always seem to be a bit more luscious that the English WAGs. I suppose it must be their natural tans which are just soooo much sexier than the type you get in a salon or out of a bottle.

Well this model, Miss Alena Seredova is the perfect example of my theory, despite being originally from the Czech Republic.

She has two beautiful children through her marriage to Gianluigi Buffon, the long-time Italy Number One goalkeeper, but you wouldn’t think so from looking at these photos. She even finds time to be a TV presenter in between looking after the kids, and also has her own range of swimwear.

The think is; I bet more men look at her modeling the bikini range than the women who are supposed to be buying them!
For some reason she only came fourth in the Miss World competition of 1998, so I am now going to go out of my way to find out who the first three were!
She is 32 now, but you can see she is still gorgeous…….

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