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“Super injunction” footballer revealed as Ryan Giggs

GiggsIn an amazing move the Sunday Herald has taken a big chance by revealing that the footballer behind the “super injunction” involving the Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

There is absolutely no way they are saying that Ryan Giggs had an affair with Imogen, they are simply revealing the alleged name of the footballer behind the super injunction.

There reasons for putting the story on the front page is very simple; the knowledge is already in the public domain of information on the internet.

Cheryl Cole to reveal all in new book deal

Will Cheryl reveal all?
Will Cheryl reveal all?

The Chelsea defender Ashley Cole proably thinks it can’t get any worse. An ankle injury has ruled him out of the Chelsea team for the rest of the season, a string of women have claimed that he tried to seduce them (and succeeded!), his wife has left him and he is likely to miss the chance to play in this summer’s World Cup.

But yes it can get worse! His wife, the gorgeous Cheryl Cole, has signed a six-figure contract to publish her autobiography called “My World”, which should hit the shops in September, just after the new Premiership season starts. Ashley must now be cringing at the thought of his missus revealing all his dirty little secrets to the world!