Danielle Lloyd – I crave chocolate but I’m still beautiful!

Danielle with Jessica Lawlor yesterday
Danielle with Jessica Lawlor yesterday

The heavily pregnant Danielle Lloyd looks a picture of health, despite being as large as a bus, and has no worries about losing her looks or her figure after she has the baby.

‘I’m really lucky that I haven’t gained much weight with my pregnancy even though I’ve mainly been craving chocolate and fatty foods.” She said.

‘I thought that I’d get a really fat face but most of my weight has gone on my belly and bum. I’m a lot more flabby all over but I love the way I look and Jamie likes me whatever shape I am.

Danielle Lloyd won’t be happy if Jamie beats Liverpool!

Jamie O’Hara’s model girlfriend, Danielle Lloyd, won’t be very happy if her boyfriend’s Portsmouth team take any points of her beloved Liverpool at Anfield tonight.

But Jamie thinks that he is playing much better football since linking up with Danielle, and even more so since they found out that she was pregnant.

“Since I found out I’m going be a dad it is an unbelievable feeling and it has already made me grow up a lot.

“This has been my best season in terms of performance and having a settled home life has played a big part in that.

Serial WAG Danielle Lloyd is now living with Jamie O’Hara

The sexy WAG and model Danielle Lloyd has turned over a new leaf and curbed her partying days. She has now settled down with the Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara, but, as the Sun reports, she is still following her career as a mouthwatering model.

Their article said: JAMIE O’HARA clearly doesn’t mind his missus continuing her glamour career.

The Pompey ace, who’s on loan from Spurs, has been dating DANIELLE LLOYD since March and the pair recently brought a new pad in Berkshire.

And, thankfully for her fans, Jamie is encouraging her to do what she does best – posing in her smalls.