Sheree Murphy – WAGs can’t win when their husbands cheat!

Great dress Sheree!
Great dress Sheree!
Hollyoaks actress Sheree Murphy is juggling her life as an actress and TV presenter with looking after three children from her footballer husband Harry Kewell, and is finding it even harder while he is away in Turkey playing for Galatasary.

She says it can get very lonely, and if she couldn’t trust her husband it would be unbearable. They stay in regular contact every night, but she admits that she misses being with him a lot.

“It is lonely.” she admitted. “I feel like a single parent most of the time. I’d love Harry to come home but I’ve never been one to stand in his way. Like any relationship, it’s difficult. All you can do is trust that person and hope they’re true to you. But you just don’t know, do you?

“Harry could be over there having the time of his life. I’d never be stupid enough to say it could never happen.”

Sheree looking very cool - I mean HOT!
Sheree looking very cool - I mean HOT!

“Harry will always say: ‘If you don’t want me to go away then I won’t.’ But he’s only got a few more years as a footballer left and he loves playing out there. They love him.”

“The good thing is that Harry is not a party boy. He loves just being with the kids. When he’s home, it’s more likely we’re watching Saturday night TV or eating a Chinese. With kids around all the time, of course there are times when we think: ‘How are we going to get the spice back?’ So each year my mum takes them and we get our holiday together.”

Sheree certainly likes her cleavage! (So do I)
Sheree certainly likes her cleavage! (So do I)

She is even going to miss out on her summer break from football this year, as Harry will be in South Africa with the Australia team, but she says she will go there, but will sitck with the Aussie WAGs rather than the English ones.

“I’ll be with the Aussie wives.” she said. “They’re very laid back and the whole WAG culture hasn’t really reached them. Over here, it’s a bit out of control. I first felt it get crazy when Harry moved to Liverpool FC. There was more focus on the wives because the players were earning more money.”

She was then asked what she thought about the other WAGs that had problems with their husbands playing around, like Toni Poole and Cheryl Cole. She replied: “They can’t win. If you stay with them you are a fool. If you leave them, you’re a fool. But if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat, whether they’re a footballer or they work in Sainsbury’s.”

She’s absolutely right!

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