Sexy Babes in Chelsea Shirts!

Chelsea are flying high at the top of the league with just four games to play, but are their fans top-of-the-league in the sexiness stakes?

I have been doing some strenuous high-powered “research” searching around the internet for some of the hottest babes to wear a Chelsea Shirt and I must admit I have found some impressive samples. But don’t worry if you are not a Chelsea supporter, I will be looking for babes dressed in every Premiership team’s colours.

But as Chelsea is the original home of “sexy football” from Ruud Gullit’s days, then they should definitely be able to provide some sexy Chelsea fans as well, no matter the day and age, so this is as good a place to start as any.

Now I reckon there will be a lot of competition from all the other Premiership teams, because obviously everyone always thinks that girls look better in their own colours, but don’t you think that blue sets off the colour of those blond honey’s eyes?

So although these girls can’t really be classed as Chelsea WAGs, they are certainly as good to look at as some of the wives and girlfriends of Chelsea stars!

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