“Sex Pest” Crouch to marry pregnant Abbi Clancy

Pete & Abbey Before
Pete & Abbey Before
The Tottenham striker Peter Crouch made a right fool of himself when he had too much to drink in Madrid last month, but despite his drunken antics, his fiancee Abbi Clancy has forgiven him, revealed she is pregnant, and avowed to go through with the wedding!

One girl that Crouch accosted in Madrid says that he was acting like a drunken “sex pest”. Jo (a nurse) said: “I spotted Crouch doing his famous robot dance trying to impress a bunch of lads.

“Soon afterwards I was chatting to another guy who took me over to meet him.

“It was obvious Crouch was drunk. Someone was taking a photo so I put my arm around him but Crouch took the opportunity to touch me. He had his hand all over my arm and leg.

“My dress was quite short and he was running his hand up and down my thigh and also my back. I was appalled and should have slapped him there and then.

Pete & A Random bird! During....
Pete & A Random bird! During....

“He was coming on to me. He asked me what I did and when I said I was a nurse his eyes lit up and he drooled, ‘Oh yes, a nurse? I bet you look lovely in a nurse’s uniform.’ He was being a blatant sex pest.”

Abby seems to have decided that it was just a mad drunken episode and he is unlikely to do it again. She said last month: “The wedding’s off. At least for now.

“I was so excited about planning it but now I can’t even think about it.

Pete & Abbey - After?
Pete & Abbey - After?

“I want to believe in Pete but I just don’t know if I can. If there are allegations about one more girl I couldn’t go on with him.

“I’d feel like our whole relationship has been a lie. Where’s the trust? How can we get that back?”

But now she has changed her tune, especially after revealing that she is pregnant with his kid. It has been revealed that a dream ceremony has already been booked at the Isola Del Garda on Lake Garda in northern Italy next June.

There will be many famous footballers at the ceremony including a few that have also been caught out lately, like Wayne Rooney! But will Colleen be there too??

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