Ryan Giggs could lose his family over Imogen affair

The Mr. Clean/perfect professional Ryan Giggs has risked losing his wife and kids over his now well-publicised fling with the Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

The Man United star actually told his wife Stacey about the affair but then made a major error by taking out the “super injunction” that never seems to work nowadays (well not for footballers and their wives!).

He then promised Stacey that the details would never be revealed, but he shouldn’t have been so naive! A source told the Mirror: “Ryan admitted the affair to Stacey some time ago. He told her he had made a huge mistake and wanted to save their marriage for the sake of their two children.

“But he promised to keep a lid on the affair so she wouldn’t face the humiliation of it becoming public knowledge.

Ryan and Stacey Giggs

“Now she’s devastated he’s let her down again. He took some really bad advice. She’s worried of walking down the street because of all the attention.

“They have been rowing for some time and Stacey even took off her wedding ring in anger. She isn’t happy.”

Now it looks like the “Giggs Affair” will overshadow Man United’s massive day at the Champions League Final. Is it possible that that could be his last game for Man Utd?

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