Rio Ferdinand – WAGs infest football!

Cheryl Cole & Posh at the World Cup
Cheryl Cole & Posh at the World Cup

The new England captain Rio Ferdinand has slammed the influence of WAGs on the modern game, and thinks they only serve to bring the players down, instead of inspiring them to World Cup greatness.

The Man Utd defender didn’t hold back when he exclaimed: “I have no time for WAGs. I don’t like what they have brought to the game. Some women hang around to get a footballer boyfriend.

“They then infest the game. They get more attention than the players. We’re here to play the game, not waste energy or worry about what’s going on off the pitch.

“I’ve been there, so I know. There are women everywhere, you have money in your pocket and there are temptations.”

He thinks that the presence of the WAGs at the last World Cup didn’t help Englands chance, in fact he thinks they turned it into a circus!

He continued: “It seemed like there was a big show around the whole England squad.

More World Cup WAGs!
More World Cup WAGs!

“It was like watching theatre unfolding and football almost became a secondary element.

“People were worrying more about what people were wearing and where they were going out rather than the England football team.”

He doesn’t sound very happy does he? We can assume that he won’t be following John Terry and Ashley Cole in doing the rounds of the local WAGs then!

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