Presenting Natalie Suliman, Kieran Richardson’s WAG

The Sunderland midfielder Kieran Richardson may not be the most famous player in the Premier League, but he certainly has one of the hottest girlfriends!

Natalie Suliman is the newest body to advertise Marks & Spencers, so even if you don’t know her by name, you have certainly seen her boobs plastered on billboards all over the country.

But Natalie is not just an airhead, as she has set up her own charity (called Sky High) to help build up the self-esteem of teenage girls from deprived areas, and she happily gives out health tips and dieting advice to

She said: “I help them to understand about air brushing and how the ‘perfect’ images of bodies you see in magazines are often not real.

“We chat about things like how fulfilling your potential involves respecting your body, keeping fit and eating in the right way.”

Natalie says: “I think modelling has changed a lot from the ‘old days’. Me and the girls I work with try to eat well and exercise to keep in shape.
“I am very keen to get this message across and this is what I tell the girls I work with at the youth club in Islington, North London, that I’m involved with.

“I normally have Bran Flakes or Alpen for breakfast or sometimes fruit. I don’t drink tea or coffee and have as much water as possible.

“Lunch depends on where I am, but on a shoot I’ll have fish or chicken and a salad or an avocado with lots of lemon juice and olive oil with peppers.
“I am often at home for dinner. I live with my mum, Layla, who is from Sudan and is a great cook. The house always smells of cooking and we love eating together as a family.

“We have lots of salad dishes with tomatoes and garlic with pitta bread. We don’t tend to have desserts, but if we do it’s usually natural Greek yogurt with honey or apples.

“I’m not big on alcohol and have a maximum of three glasses of rosé wine a week.

“I completely love food, which I probably get from my mum’s culture where food plays a big part in family life.

“These days it’s getting easier and easier to know what you are eating by checking the packaging.”

So she is not just a pretty face, and could even end up more famous than Kieran!

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