Nicklas Bendtner has a baby boy with the Baroness

Bendtner-Caroline1The Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner gave the world a possible future Denmark striker as Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff had her baby by Caesarian operation yesterday, and it made one Danish fan very happy indeed!

The baby was born on schedule yesterday afternoon at a posh London clinic, and as soon as the baby was born Nicklas rang Caroline’s mother Molise in their castle in Denmark.

Molise then announced to the waiting press the good news that it was a bouncing baby boy and everything went well in the birth.

As an interesting aside, when Bendtner and Lady Caroline first got together last year, Scandic Bookmakers released a few specialist fun prices to celebrate the fact. One of those bets offered odds of 100/1 on the celebrity pair to have a baby together in 2010 and one lucky punter put 200 kronor on it for a bit of fun.

“When the pregnancy was first announced in the middle of 2010, we thought in fact that we just might save the money if the baby was born in the New Year. She was set to give birth later. But then came the Caesarean!”says Fred Forest from Scandic Bookmakers.

What a great way to win 20,000 kronor!

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