Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Fleming get matching tattoos!

The Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner and his girlfriend Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff may have only been going out for a few months, but they have already Caroline_Bendtnerboth got each others names tattoed on their forearms.

The Baroness, who used to be known as Caroline Fleming, comperes a TV show in Denmark called “TopModel”, and apparently the tabloid Se og Hor noticed the tattoo on Wednesday at a press conference for the show.

Nicklas jumped the gun and got his Caroline tattoo two months ago, but the Baroness only took the plunge in the last week.

Bendtner did an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, and wasn’t shy in saying how much Caroline meant to him, despite her being 13 years older than himself, and he certainly has no qualms about her being much richer than he is. It was reported that she was given a £400m settlement when she divorced her husband.

Bendtner said: “I know nothing about the money”
“Money is not an issue. If we had no money I would still be as happy with her. It’s the same with everyone in my life. Money isn’t important. All it does is get you things.

“It’s fair to say my life has changed though. In the last year and a half I feel I’ve grown up a lot. I still have fun but I don’t go out so much any more. Before I would go out quite a bit, do the things that all young guys do. But now I have found someone who is really special, who I love.”


Well they certainly sound like they are very happy together, and she seems like a real fun type of gal! And she certainly looks extremely hot for a 35 year-old!

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