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Sky TV is aware that it can be a difficult task to keep on top of the latest celebrity gossip and fashion trends for the current season. They have therefore created the Sky TV Style and Culture package. This allows viewers to enter into a world of fashion and lifestyle. It is a great investment for the budding fashionista.

There are currently 38 channels available in the Lifestyle and Culture section, which is provided by the Sky TV network. There are also a total of eight timeshift channels, 15 Free to air channels, four channels in the HD Pack and a total of 20 channels in the Sky Style and Culture Package, all of which offer the latest in fashion, celebrity gossip, tips on what to wear, the latest trends and reality TV.

Sky is certainly at the forefront of the bundle world, they offer an array of channels as well as great flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect mixture of phone, broadband and TV options. There is an assortment of packages and bundles available to both new and existing customers making the Sky network a brand that suits just about every budget and persona.

As well as fashion, phone, broadband and TV, Sky have realised how popular bingo is becoming and have therefore also delved into the world of online gaming and have in turn introduced Sky Bingo is the perfect online gaming destination for those who wish to play the popular past time for either fun or alternatively cash payouts and enticing prizes.

Sky TV is said to be superior in that it offers a vast assortment of channels. They also house a variety of TV Packages for customers to choose from, allowing customers to personalise a Sky bundle to their exact needs.

There are six packages available, including the Variety Package, the News & Events Package, a Kids Package, a Music Package, the Knowledge Package and the Style & Culture Package, which is great for those that want to keep on top of the ever changing trends and newly released style news. For about an extra £1 a month customers are able to add more variation to their package when they sign up.

There are an astounding number of combinations to choose from when it comes to building your perfect package, meaning if you are heavily interested in following the latest trends, lifestyles, news and celebrity gossip then you can create a bundle that offer just that.

As well as TV, the Sky Network also offers telephone and broadband to customers. There newest introduction however is Sky Bingo, the Sky Network have taken note of the popular past time and in turn now provide the game to their customers, this is in order to cater to a wider audience.

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