Melanie Slade bikini pics

Mel Slade, the girlfriend of Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, is very keen to give the impression that she is not a normal WAG, and doesn’t want to be considered with the usual “stiletto and mini-skirt” type of footballers girlfriend.

She is currently studying to be a physiotherapist, and just wants to be treated like a normal student, at least until she has finished her exams.

“My goal is still to work as a physio, but in terms of what options are available, I’m happy to see what offers come my way too.

“I’ve always believed in having my own career. And anyway, the whole WAG term isn’t used that much anymore.”
“I’m always in comfortable stuff really. Especially being at uni, my style is very relaxed, I love my jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.”

But, luckily for us, she doesn’t mind doing the occasional modeling job, and was picked to be the new face of Helly Hansen recently.

She also had no problem doing some saucy pics for the German version of FHM magazine, which is always willing to grab a photoshoot with a WAG or two to help them on their way to being famous.


She has a very pretty (and sensible) head on her shoulders, and the rest of her body isn’t too bad either!

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