Meet Ozil’s girlfriend, Mandy Capristo

Welcome to Arsenal Mesut Ozil, and welcome to London Mandy Capristo. The deadline day signing of the hugely talented Germany international has really set tongues wagging among the world of football, and this picture shows that his girlfriend could soon be the talk of the town as well.

23-year old Mandy Capristo was born in Mannheim, Germany and she is a celebrity in her own right. Mandy has worked as a model and dancer as well as her current main interest, singing. She writes songs as well as performing them and released her first solo single and album last year.

Before that Mandy had won talent contests on her own and then as part of a band called Monrose on the German talent show Popstars. So Mesut has managed to hook himself a talent as well as a stunner. They must be getting on like a house on fire, because the Daily Mail has reported that Moss Capristo has already started house hunting in London.

The 24-year old midfielder has got himself a bit of a reputation as a ladies man, but maybe Mandy can help him settle down in London. Arsenal fans will certainly hope so. A report in The Mirror today has suggested that people at Real Madrid were unhappy about Ozil tiring himself by travelling regularly to Italy to meet up with a former Miss Venezuela, Aida Yespica, pictured here. If the story is true, I don’t think it would have been the flying that was sapping Ozil’s energy.

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