Lampards Ex has a night out with Abbi Clancy

The ex-fiancee of Frank Lampard has vowed that she is over her relationship with the Chelsea star, and was out on the town with Tottenham star Peter Crouch’s fiancee Abbi Clancy.
ClancyAnd Rivas
The glamorous WAGs looked like they had a great night in the Whiskey Mist nightclub in London, and were joined by Lampard’s team-mate and captain, John Terry.

Elen, who has been doing some modeling jobs to earn some of her own money, said recently: “I’ve moved on in my life – and I am pleased Frank is doing the same.

“Both of us just want to focus on our daughters. Our girls are the most important thing in all of this. They are all that matter to us.’

“Frank supports the kids but I have to work. It’s hard being a single mum.

“I loved doing the pictures for Diamond Boutique. We did it all in one day and I loved every minute.”

Well Elen certainly seems to be enjoying herself again, and looked absolutely stunning yesterday.

I’m sure she won’t have any problems finding another man when she’s ready!

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