Keeley Hazell is the sexy new face of Lynx!

England supports Keeley!
England supports Keeley!

Lynx Deoderant always has lots of sexy women in their ads, and you won’t find many women sexier than Keeley Hazell.

Keeley was voted Number Five in the Sexiest Woman Of The Year poll on FHM (behind Cheryl Cole in first place) and she certainly deserves the accolade.

Lynx have also used her in a unique Social Marketing experiment using the first interactive film starring Keeley, and it is absolutely certain to be a surefire hit on all the big boards like Facebook.

Here is a video of the Lynx Twist advert which features hundreds of gorgeous girls including Keeley Hazell. There are not many (straight) men that would have absolutely loved to be there when they made this one!


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