Jack Wilshere dating Coronation Street star

Brooke VincentIt has been revealed that the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere is dating the sexy young Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent.

A source told NOW magazine: ““Jack fancies Brooke and she thinks he’s really cute.”

“They don’t get to see each other much, but they text all the time.”

With Brooke filming a lot and Jack obviously extremely busy with the Gunners playing a game every three days at the moment it is not surprising that they don’t get to spend much time together, but Brooke perhaps gave the game away on her Twitter page recently.

brooke_vincent-2It was recently rumoured that Brooke was dating Scott Thomas, who is the brother of her co-star Ryan Thomas, but she angrily denied that one when she was asked if she currently had a steady boyfriend.

She said: “I kind of have yes.”

“I want to make sure things are right before sharing it with the world.”

“I’m not dating Scott!!! And as for Jack…..It’s amazing how one person can make you feel.”

So Jack not only has the world at his feet with breaking into the Arsenal and England teams at such an early age, but he could also have found himself an absolutely gorgeous actress girlfriend!

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  1. its great jack wilshire is a star footballer already a legend at arsenal and as for brooke she is the sexiest girl on the street gr8 couple

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