Imagine yourself as a footballer or a WAG!

I have found this excellent app created by Hewlett-Packard. It is a brilliantly designed little tool which lets you see what life could be like if you were a super-celebrity; like a sexy WAG or a top footballer for one of the big clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd!

Obviously if you were famous you would want one of HP's top-of-the-range computers to keep you at the top of the game, so there are lots of shots of HP's new range, and everyone will want one so that you can show your friends the videos of you being a STAR!

The app takes your pic (choose your best one!) from your facebook profile, and then inserts it into a brilliant celebrity film sequence. So it basically lets you star in your own BE A STAR video, and then it allows you send it to all your mates. It is just so cool, check out my one here, it's fantastic!

Isn't it so cool! Now why don't you be the first to make your own one and send it on to all your mates! I assure you that this HP app is going to spread like wildfire, because as soon as anyone sees your one they will want one themselves!

So get over to HP- Be A Star and set up your own HP- BE A STAR video now. They give you a code so that you can send it by email or tweet to all your friends and followers.

Just one more thing, I would love it if you would send them all to me, either by email to jwsr (at), or just add it to a comment at the end of this post.

I would love to see how you would all look if you were famous!

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