England were destroyed by Gerrard and Terry rumours?

Have Terry & Gerrard had a tiff?
Have Terry & Gerrard had a tiff?

Wherever Steven Gerrard goes he seems to be dogged by rumours. Just a couple of months ago there was the story about the pregnant 16 year-old, and now it has been expanded to become his sister-in-law that is pregnant.

But the recurring theme off all these rumours is that Gerrard and his wife, Alex Curran, have split up, despite her constant denials.

But whatever the state of internet rumours, it is now being said that the reason for England’s dismal display at the World Cup is because John Terry (and his co-conspirators) were extremely angry that the Chelsea captain was stripped of his leadership position, while Gerrard was given the captains armband despite being guilty of an even worse offence!

In happier times!
In happier times!

There are many whispers out there, such as who was the whistleblower in the England team (Aaron Lennon has been accused). The story goes that Gerrard has got another gagging order for two weeks, which the judge allegedly upheld so that it didn’t interfere with the England team’s World Cup campaign, and Terry (who apparently hates Gerrard) is up in arms because his application was dismissed for a less serious offence.

Whether all this is true or not is a matter for discussion, but it could have been blown up after a report appeared in the Sun about a rift between the Chelsea and Liverpool players, and specifically Gerrard and Terry.

An England ‘source’ was quoted as saying: “There was a lot of tension between Stevie G and JT and it couldn’t be allowed to fester.

“So Becks stepped in to act as a peacemaker. He spoke with both and sorted it all out.

“He helped clear the air between them and stopped the matter deteriorating further. But who knows whether it will all flare up again now we have crashed out of the World Cup.”

Rumours, rumours, rumours. But there definitely seemed to be something wrong with the England team in South Africa, and I sincerely hope that these professionals (who are paid over £100,000 A WEEK!) didn’t let personal differences destroy four years of hard work to get to the Finals…..

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