Danielle Lloyd – I crave chocolate but I’m still beautiful!

Danielle with Jessica Lawlor yesterday
Danielle with Jessica Lawlor yesterday

The heavily pregnant Danielle Lloyd looks a picture of health, despite being as large as a bus, and has no worries about losing her looks or her figure after she has the baby.

‘I’m really lucky that I haven’t gained much weight with my pregnancy even though I’ve mainly been craving chocolate and fatty foods.” She said.

‘I thought that I’d get a really fat face but most of my weight has gone on my belly and bum. I’m a lot more flabby all over but I love the way I look and Jamie likes me whatever shape I am.

‘I won’t be rushing to snap back into shape. I want to concentrate my energy on looking after my baby.’

She is cetainly not worried about having to go through all the pain, as she thinks it will all be worth it when she gets to hold her little boy in her arms.

‘I’m just excited. I think finally being able to hold the baby will take the pain away.

‘Jamie’s really keen to be there at the birth – he wants to cut the cord.’

Just ten weeks to go… At least Jamie won’t miss the start of next season!

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