Danielle Bux can’t make her mind up on World Cup WAGs!

Gary Lineker’s sexy missus, Danielle Bux, seems to be a little schizophrenic about whether it is good for the England players to have their wives and girlfriends (WAGs) supporting them at the World Cup.

First of all the London Metro has talked to her and quotes her on being rather keen to have the girls cheering on their men. She said: “The WAG thing, well obviously at the last World Cup people said it was a distraction,”.

“I think it’s nice that they are there to support them and for the players it’s nice to know that they have someone watching them,”

“I will definitely be supporting England. Just because I’m Welsh I think it’s silly not to support England, whether you’re Irish, Scottish, whatever, you should get behind the boys.”
Ahh thats so nice….. But according to the Sunday Star, Danielle is completely AGAINST the idea of WAGs being in South Africa, but they call her Danielle Lineker, so maybe it’s her alter ego!
This is her quote in the Star: “I do hope the WAGS keep it low-key.

“All the stuff last time must have been a distraction for the players.

“If they go to South Africa they should keep a low profile because at the end of the day the team have a job to do.”

She added: “I will only be there for a week. And anyway, I don’t see myself as a WAG. That’s not my style.”

So either she can’t make her mind up, or her quotes are being taken out of context? Anyway Danielle, I’m not sure if you can really be called a WAG, hasn’t anyone told you that Gary retired from football years ago…..

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