Claudine Keane wins top modelling contract

One hot lady!
One hot lady!
The Tottenham striker Robbie Keane is presently on loan at Celtic, but as his footballing career slowly winds down, his wife Claudine is gradually moving up in the modelling world.

She has just landed a “six-figure contract” with the Glasgow-based celebrity lingerie brand Ultimo, following in the footsteps of such famous names as Melinda Messenger and Helena Christensen, so it seems it has definitely been good for her career to make the move to Scotland.

Claudine doesn’t like to be called an airhead WAG, and is proud that she has been a professional model since she was 15 years-old, and also found time to get a first class degree in economics and finance at Dublin University.

“Just because I’ve always been into fashion and beauty it’s assumed I’m just another dumb WAG,” she said, “but I’ve got a degree, I’m very independent with my own career and I spend my own money.
“I make an effort because I like to feel good. It’s not to compete with the other girls. Robbie actually prefers me with no make-up and dressed down in Ugg boots and jeans!’

She also says that her and Robbie don’t have the sort of WAG relationship that is open to affaits with other hangers-on. She continued: “Robbie and I have been together for eight years and there is a deep level of trust between us,”
Claudine keane
“Of course, there are women who deliberately target footballers but I have never let that worry me. It is the same with any goodlooking man who has money.

“I don’t want to tempt fate but I’ve very happy with Rob.”

With an intelligent beautiful wife like that, why would Robbie even consider looking at other women? I know I wouldn’t!

***My girlfriend’s boobs nearly killed me!***

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