Christine Bleakley is game for a laugh

christine-bleakleybubbleChristine Bleakley, host of ITV1 breakfast show Daybreak, got herself in lather earlier this week after she was encased in a giant bubble.

Bleakley, 31, who is currently dating Chelsea and England star Frank Lampard, was joined by “Bubbleologist” Samsam Bubbleman, whose real name is Sam Heath. She was doing the trick as part of the shows Cool before School segment.

Bubbleman, who is an expert blower of bubbles, also revealed he holds a staggering seven world records for his bubble blowing exploits, used a top secret mixture to form a massive globule to cover the host who is from Northern Ireland.

As Bleakley stepped into the mixture she said, “Is it ok to wear heels? Look at me sucking myself in to make it easier for you!”
Last week Bleakley showed that she is game for a laugh as she wore a bright pink wedding dress, weighing one and a half stones, like one of the massive frocks on Channel 4`s hit show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

She had to be helped into the dress by Norma and Emma Green, who are the mother and daughter team that create many of the outfits featured on the show.

The show follows gypsy girls, and many more frocks like the one Bleakley was wearing, as they prepare for their big day followed by what most people would say is over the top celebrations.

If Bleakley and Lampard`s relationship goes further, will she be wearing one of these dresses on her big day?

Watch Chelsea highlights here!

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