Christine Bleakley and Cheryl Cole have a heart-to-heart at Sport Relief

Look at what you've lost Ashley!
Look at what you've lost Ashley!

Love-rat Ashley Cole’s wife, Cheryl, and Frank Lampard’s new sweetheart, Christine Bleakley, are reported to have had a heart-to-heart chat during the Sport Relief programme at the weekend, and it has been said that the new top-WAG at Chelsea was totally supportive of Cheryls problems with Ashley.

A friend of Cheryl at the show spotted the two going off for a quiet chat together and was quoted as saying in the Star: “She could see Cheryl was quite emotional. And she wanted to make sure everything was OK.

“She spent a good ten minutes with Cheryl in her dressing room and they got on really well.

“Christine is Queen WAG at Chelsea now she’s dating Frank and it’s clear she gave Cheryl her full support and that of all the other girls at the club.

“It made Cheryl feel great to know she was still part of the gang, despite everything that has happened with her and Ashley.

“Ashley probably got a bit of a verbal bashing in there!”

Has Frank Lampard put on weight?
Has Frank Lampard put on weight?

Cheryl climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief las year, and her experience obviously made her feel that everyone should do their utmost to help all the underpriviledged and diseased children of the world. She said: “I know how much it means to be involved in Sport Relief and Comic Relief because I’ve been involved in it myself. And every single little bit, as much or as little as you can give and keep giving, helps a lot of people.

“So if you can keep giving, that will be amazing.”

It was really good of her to give her support even though she is going through troubled times of her own, and she has shown the world that not all WAGs are self-obsessed airheads.

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