Cheryl Cole’s sexy arrival at Cannes Film Festival

Cheryl Cole at Cannes
Cheryl Cole at Cannes

Cheryl Cole looked absolutely stunning as she walked up the red carpet at the premiere of Algerian film ‘Outside The Law’.

The film was described in the Daily Mail as: The film by Rachid Bouchareb tackles colonial French oppression in the 1950s and events leading up to Algeria’s battle for independence in 1962.

In France it has sparked a furious controversy from right wing politicians, historians and war veterans over its content and issues of historical accuracy. So much so that security was tight at the Cannes Film Festival screenings with a ramped up police presence, body searches and confiscation of water bottles.

It wouldn’t have taken long for a body search on Cheryl as there is little place to his anything in this dress! But I would have taken my time to do it probably if I was assigned to search her! (Well, who wouldn’t!)
It was all very daring until you realise that she was wearing ‘invisible underwear’ to cover her modestly, but it didn’t stop her looking her gorgeous self as usual.

She certainly seems to have forgotten all about her acrimonious fall-out with hubby Ashley Cole, and the Queen of the WAGS has been seen out enjoying herself with on a very regular basis, even in The French Riviera, where they both performed in the same club this week.

As L’Oreal is one of the sponsors at Cannes, she was duty-bound to make a red carpet appearance, and she certainly did it with style, but strangely it was reported that she didn’t stay to watch the film, but instead opted to go to a party thrown by the Black Eyed Peas on a luxury yacht. That sounds more appealing to me too, especially if I knew that Cheryl would be there LOL!

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