Cheryl Cole can’t imagine life without Ashley!

In happer times!
In happer times!

Although it looks like the great romance between Cheryl and Ashley Cole is over, it seems that Cheryl is finding it hard to think of having a life with another man, and is still keen on having a big family despite the revelations of love-rat Ashley still carrying on his party lifestyle without her.

A “friend” is quoted in the News of the World as saying: “”It’s mad, but she feels washed up at 26,”

“Cheryl has convinced herself she’s not going to find another man. It’s consuming her at the moment – and it’s one of the reasons why she hasn’t decided she’ll definitely divorce Ashley.

“She wants love in her life, but she feels there’s so much pressure on her and worries about how she could ever go on a date with someone else.”

“She doesn’t want Ashley to think she’s playing games because she’s made it clear she’s not ready to even think about moving on,” said the friend.

They looked so good together!
They looked so good together!

“It’s so unfair. Cheryl’s done nothing wrong but Ashley goes out and is surrounded by a big group of girls while he laps up all the attention.”

“It may seem strange because right now she knows she’s not going to get pregnant, but she’s determined she’s going to have four kids. She comes from a big family and wants the same thing.

“She always imagined Ashley would make a great dad – and it’s hard coming to terms with the fact he’s unlikely to be the father of her babies,”

I am sure the gorgeous Cheryl would have no problem at all having the pick of just about any man in the world, but it seems that she believes Ashley was “the one”.

Perhaps she should just go out and have some fun herself instead of brooding. She will soon find someone to take her mind off her cheating love-rat husband!

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