Ashley Cole’s dad says Cheryl should dump him!

Not such a perfect couple?
Not such a perfect couple?

The father of the Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole doesn’t think that Cheryl should stay with his son after the latest revelations of his unfaithfulness.

Speaking from his home in Australia, Ron Callender, says that everyone will think Cheryl is a “mug” if she forgives Ashley again.

“This is as though Ashley is asking for Cheryl to divorce him.” he said. “I can’t say I’d blame her if she did. Cheryl has been shamed by what Ashley has done,” the News of the World quoted him as saying.

Frank Lampard supports ban on WAGs at World Cup

The Chelsea and England midfielder Frank Lampard has voiced his support to the news that Fabio Capello is intending to ban all the Footballers WAGs (Wives and girlfriends) from the World Cup in South Africa this summer.

His then girlfriend, Ellen Rives, was present at the last World Cup, and Lampard feels that having the WAGs around just causes a distraction to the most important football competition in the world. There is no room for error in a tournament that only comes around every four years.

‘I don’t want the distraction,’ Lampard said.

Cheryl Cole enjoys herself in LA despite rumours of divorce from Ashley

Cheryl in happier times
Cheryl in happier times

The revelations about Ashley Cole’s many indiscretions keep coming out. Is there any woman he has met that he DIDN’T have an affair with?

Well it seems that X-Factor judge Cheryl has had enough of the Chelsea defender’s antics, and spent yesterday out on the town in Los Angeles with a famous dancer, Derek Hough, and she didn’t do much to keep it a secret either.

The pappazzi followed them around all day as they first went to the cinema together (to watch “Valentines Day), and then on to an exclusive Japanese restaurant.

Did Ashley Cole have “text sex” with sexy model?

Sonia Wild
In reports coming out this morning, a sexy glamour model Sonia Wild has revealed that she had a steamy texting session with the Chelsea defender Ashley Cole, and that he sent some “intimate” pictures of himself to her to prove who he was.

Cole, who is married to Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, admits taking the pictures, but denies sending them to the glamour model. He said: ‘I can’t believe I gave a phone away that still had stuff in its memory. I thought I’d deleted it.’

Cheryl Cole tells Ashley to stay away from John Terry!

The Chelsea defender Ashley Cole nearly broke up with Cheryl last year when it was revealed that he had an affair, and the recent revelations about John Terry’s affair with Vanessa Peroncell has brought up some bad memories, especially as nearly the whole Chelsea team had been to bed with her at some point!

One of Cheryl’s “pals” was quoted in the Daily Star as saying: “All the WAGs fear Vanessa might have made a play for their husband in the past. It would be understandable if Cheryl felt the same,”

Vanessa Perroncel bedded SEVEN Chelsea players!

The revelations about the young French lady that had an affair with the Chelsea captain, Vanessa Perroncel, continue to be revealed in all the tabloids, and the Daily Mail says it has information that she had “affairs” with SEVEN Chelsea players, as well as the famed two-year relationship with the Steps singer Lee Latchford Evans.

Her uncle, Bernard Perroncel, tried to explain her way of thinking last night.

‘Obviously from an early age Vanessa realised the power of money and the effect it can have on people’s lives,’ he said.

Lampards Ex has a night out with Abbi Clancy

The ex-fiancee of Frank Lampard has vowed that she is over her relationship with the Chelsea star, and was out on the town with Tottenham star Peter Crouch’s fiancee Abbi Clancy.
ClancyAnd Rivas
The glamorous WAGs looked like they had a great night in the Whiskey Mist nightclub in London, and were joined by Lampard’s team-mate and captain, John Terry.

Elen, who has been doing some modeling jobs to earn some of her own money, said recently: “I’ve moved on in my life – and I am pleased Frank is doing the same.

Frank Lampards new girlfriend? Christine Bleakley?

Chris Beakley1
Frank Lampard acrimoniously split up with his long time partner earlier this year, and apparently he has been seen out on the town with the One Show presenter, Christine Bleakley.

A source at the Amika nightclub in London said: “Frank and Christine arrived with a group of people from Strictly Come Dancing, including Zoe Lucker and Joe Calzaghe and the dancers Aliona Vilani and Nicole Cutler.

“They all sat together at a table in the VIP area, with Frank next to Christine.

Joe Coles new wife (Carly Zucker) is extremely FIT!

This is another one from Just Chelsea News. Carly Zucker and Joe Cole have been together for years and she has her feet on the ground. I’m impressed with her outlook on life.

The article said: The Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole has recently married his long-time girlfriend Carly Zucker and she has been talking about life with Londoner Joey, and very interesting reading it is!

She works full time as a personal trainer, and when i say she is fit, i mean she is FIT!!