Carlos Vela and the LadyBoy scandal!

Carlos Vela & Yemille
Carlos Vela & Yemille

The Arsenal striker Carlos Vela and Celtic’s Efrain Juarez have both been banned from playing for Mexico for the next six months after having a celebration party when they beat Colombia in a friendly last month.

Another eleven Mexico squad layers were fined, including Fulham’s Carlos Salcido after the all-night long orgy of drinking, gambling and making merry!

It was originally alleged that the team had hired 14 prostitutes to help host the party, but it has now been revealed that there was a Mexican transvestite present at the party too, and he alleges that he became intimate with Salcido during the evening.

Yamille Herrera is quoted in the Sun as saying she didn’t even know Vela and Juarez, but Salcido is a completely different matter!

Here is an excerpt from the Sun’s article: Asked on Mexico’s TV Notas if there was “a sexual encounter, a sexual relationship”, Yamille replied: “Yes”.

He told how they kissed passionately before the World Cup footballer submitted to being pleasured in a hotel bathroom.

It was only later during an online chat that the transvestite confessed to Salcido: “I’m not a girl.”

Yamille said: “He was very shocked. Imagine! He was very surprised, asking, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?'” Last night – as Salcido vowed to sue the transvestite – a Fulham spokesman confirmed the player insists the claims are a pack of lies.

The defender himself said: “This situation has already passed into the hands of the lawyer. We’ll see what happens.”

It sounds like it was one hell of a party, but I bet some of the lads are now wishing that they had stayed in their rooms and played some online poker, or perhaps had an early night?

Imagine having the pick of the girls at a party and waking up beside the only Ladyboy! LOL!

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