Birds and Football? Just what we want from FHM!

This website and FHM have exactly the same aims; To look at sexy women and talk about some footy gossip! The sexy Lad's Mag has gone the extra mile this month and have brought out an EXTRA magazine at no extra charge with exclusive interviews from some of the biggest sports stars in the world, and you can't get bigger than the European Player of the Year, Lionel Messi.

To start with, the front cover of this month's FHM has the gorgeous ex-PussyCat Doll Nicole Scherzinger to entice all red-blooded readers, and she is definitely one of the hottest singers around at the moment at the moment as well. They also have a feature on the biggest WAG in the world, Cheryl Cole (well doesn't everyone want to read about Oor Cheryl nowadays) as well as all their usual sexy features on the best-looking women around.

In the free BONUS mag, called Bionic FHM, you also get the EXCLUSIVE interview with the Barcelona star Lionel Messi as he gives you some of his own hints and tips on how he worked his way up to being the best football player in the world. The Argentinian international himself fell in love with the game at a very early age. He said: "First of all you've got to love the game. How much? Well … from the age of three I played every day: every morning, afternoon and night. Inside the house, too. I'd break things. My mum would go mad …"

But the passion is still not enough, you also have to practise the Messi way to be the real best in the world. And it follows that you need to buy this months FHM magazine (with the FREE FHM Bionic) to find out EXACTLY how he does it.

Well JustWagsNews can tell you not only where to buy it online, but you can also get £1 off FHM if you buy it from

So have a look at the gorgeous Nicole on the front cover below, then get online now and buy it RIGHT NOW or you'll regret it for the rest of the month!

£1 off FHM

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