Ashley Cole’s holiday beauty has scarlet past!

Elle&MelAshley Cole has been pictured partying and sunbathing with two beautiful young posh birds, and one of them, Elle Hartley has already been involved in a couple of scandals despite only being 20 years old.

When she was just 14 she sent some pics of herself masturbating to a boyfriend, and then was amazed that he sent it to all his friends! Oh the innocence of youth!

At the same age she was captured fashing her boobs at a nightclub, and found herself featured in the lads mag Nuts.

Last night Elle said: “I’m ashamed about both incidents and have attempted to learn from my juvenile mistakes.”

Elle & Mel 'best friends!'
Elle & Mel 'best friends!'

Ashley's enjoying the view!
Ashley's enjoying the view!

Elle and her best mate Melissa Niak have both been snapped in skimpy bikinis in the company of the Chelsea defender this week, and I am sure that Ashley has been enjoying the view of these two young sexy beauties!

Maybe divorcing Cheryl Cole does have its plus points!

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