Ashley Cole’s dad says Cheryl should dump him!

Not such a perfect couple?
Not such a perfect couple?

The father of the Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole doesn’t think that Cheryl should stay with his son after the latest revelations of his unfaithfulness.

Speaking from his home in Australia, Ron Callender, says that everyone will think Cheryl is a “mug” if she forgives Ashley again.

“This is as though Ashley is asking for Cheryl to divorce him.” he said. “I can’t say I’d blame her if she did. Cheryl has been shamed by what Ashley has done,” the News of the World quoted him as saying.

He added: “People may be nice to her face because she’s a famous singer, but they will be looking at her and thinking she’s a mug for sticking by him after all he’s done.

Cheryl NOT wearing wedding ring yesterday!
Cheryl NOT wearing wedding ring yesterday!

“Even though he’s my son, I can’t condone what he’s done. His excuse to Cheryl last time when he had a one-night stand with another woman was that he was so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing. Well he can’t have been drunk again. That’s a pathetic excuse.

“I hope they stay together. But Ashley has to realise he’s not a silly teenager any more.

“He’s a man of 29, married to the most beautiful girl, who he says he loves, and his wife is talking about quitting work to have a baby.

“I would say to Ashley if you want to behave like a depraved womaniser, then DON’T get married or have kids. But it seems nobody can tell him what to do. Maybe someone should. I’d like that someone to be me.”

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