Ashley and Cheryl Cole close to making up?

Don't look back Cheryl!
Don't look back Cheryl!

It is being reported today that Ashley Cole is close to a reconciliation with his Missus, the delectable Cheryl Cole.

It seems that they are constantly texting and talking on the phone as Ashley tries hard to persuade Cheryl to take him back, after the numerous indiscretions on his part were revealed by the Sunday papers.

Cheryl was asked about the state of her marriage now in an interview with a Norwegian TV station, and she said: “Sometimes things get tough but you’ve just got to fight on.

“What are you going to do? Give up, curl into a ball or are you going to keep fighting on. You can’t give up and lie down, you’ve got to keep going.”

A friend of Ashley’s was also quoted in the News of the World as saying that the Chelsea footballer was close to getting back into his relationship.

When they were happy!
When they were happy!

“They’re communicating constantly,” the friend said. “They’re always on the phone, especially by text.

“It’s not just Ashley, Cheryl is actively engaged. She knows she shouldn’t be, but her heart tells her otherwise. He’s taking a lot of hope from that, being very cocky and telling people he and Cheryl will definitely work things out.”

If they did get back together, could she ever trust him again?

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