Arsenal WAGs – Hector Bellerin moves in with beauty Berta Requeno

Ever since the 19 year-old Hector Bellerin arrived in the Arsenal first team he has been a revelation, keeping the vastly more experienced Matthieu Debuchy out of the Starting XI, but not long ago the Spanish U21 international missed a few weeks through injury, and since then his form has not quite returned to his exhilarating best.

Many people wonder about this, but it is not often that the fans look at the players private lives for the reasons why looks distracted. Well I think I’ve found the reason for Bellerin’s changed attitude.

The young man is madly in love with the lovely Berta Requeno, and just four days ago the two moved into their first house together. The lovely lady is a personel consultants specialising in accountants and other financial positions, so she is hardly your normal model-type WAG.

Obviously recently they have both been very busy preparing their new home together, so he may be a little more tired than usual. And it would not be very polite of me to suggest she may be tiring him out in other ways!

I’m sure he will settle down soon and get back to his best for the club as the season progresses….

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