Arsenal v Bayern Munich Wags contest

As Arsenal prepare for a titanic effort to beat Bayern Munich on their home turf and prove all their doubters wrong, here at JustWags we are having our own struggle, to choose who wins the battle of the Wags between the two sides. To start us off we have Mrs. Ludivine Sagna, wife of Bacary, in her warpaint and dressed for battle.

In the opposite corner, dressed in….nothing but paint is Sarah Brandner, the gorgeous girlfriend of the Bayern vice-captain Bastian Schweinsteiger. It looks like injury might keep both players out of the action for the second leg of the tie, but don’t feel too sorry for them, will you.

From the Bayern captain we move to the Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen. Some fans and commentators think the Belgian international has suffered a loss of form this season, and this picture of his new..ish girlfriend might just tell you why. Polly Parsons is an actress and model who presents the Real Hustle on the BBC. If I was Vermaelen I would never leave the house.

So that makes it 2-1 to the Arsenal, which is a good result but not enough to see them through to the next round, but I cannot concentrate anymore for some reason. Also if you want to have a bet on that result, you should check out these betting bonus information. I can’t think of a more analytical way of predicting football results than looking at the respective WAGs! Can you?

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