Arsenal babes (Goonerette girls in Arsenal shirts)!

Arsenal Babe 1It’s Easter so there is not much happening in the world.

All the Arsenal news seems to be bad at the moment anyway, the whole team seems to be dropping like flies, and all the fans are probably stuck in cars going up motorways and not even thinking about football at all, so i guess that it’s about time that I provided all the Arsenal fans that are still out there with some new pics of some Gorgeous Gooners!

So I have been doing my ‘research’ (ahem!) on the internet, and I found this great Facebook fan page called Goonerettes, and there are some brilliant pics been posted on there.

I have no qualms in sharing them with all the red-blooded Arsenal fans, and I will willingly recommend that everyone join their group on Facebook.

There is nothing more fun for (most) men than looking at beautiful sexy girls, and if they are wearing Arsenal shirts at the same time, then all the better!
Arsenal babes 2
As the Goonerette page says as their affiliate statement: For all the Gooners and the Goonerettes that think the Arsenal babes are the hottest of all babes… VIVA LA GOONERETTES!!!
Arsenal Babes 3

So here are a few of their pics of Gorgeous goonerettes, and if you have any similar pics, then join the Goonerettes on FaceBook and feel free to add them to the fan page. Here is the link:

Goonerettes Facebook Page

***Topless women march for shirtless equality!***

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