Alexis Sanchez caught cheating and paying student for sex

Uh Oh. Just as Alexis Sanchez was finalizing his move from Arsenal to Man United, the Chilean striker has now been caught out cheating on his girlfriend with a 20 year-old student, thanks to a kiss-and-tell story released by the Sun. Paulina Sobierajska has revealed all Alexis Whatsapp messages and splashed them all over the paper.

She claimed that one night, when she was sitting having a drink with a friend in a bar, this happened…

“There was this guy looking at me and smiling. I did not know who he was.” she said. “He kept staring at me and smiling. It was a bit weird.

“Then a man came over and said there was a special guest and he was really interested in talking to me.

“I asked who it was and he said it was Alexis Sanchez a footballer for Arsenal. I didn’t know who he was.

“He said Alexis asked him to ask me to give him a price of how much it would cost to make love to me. I was shocked. I made a joke out of it and said £10,000 to make him look stupid.” The man took her phone number anyway, and straight away Alexis started messaging her even though he was sitting very close tto her in the bar. He texted: “I like you.

“See you later with you friend. Is possible?”

She said it would be possible, and Sanchez replied: “Ok baby see you later? How much would it cost to make love with you?”

Paulina says she said again jokingly that it would cost £10,000. Sanchez fired back: “£500 each one I can do. Let me know. You can trust us don’t worries. We will have fun. My flat is not far from here.”

Alexis with his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez

When she got to his flat, Miss Sobierajska related: ‘He gave me a striptease. He took off his top and danced for me for the fun of it. He has a fantastic body. He’s really funny. He speaks half Spanish-half English and is a good looking guy.

‘I was star-struck. He was a gorgeous footballer, and I thought it was the start of a relationship,’ said Miss Sobierajska.

Miss Sobierajska’s last of four visits to the flat was at the end of October when she found out Sanchez wasn’t single…. She said: ‘He never mentioned any other girls.

‘But I found out when he was being romantic and nice to me he had a girlfriend all that time.

‘When I saw the photo of them together it was clear everything we had was fake.

“He had a girlfriend and I was the one on the side. I was devastated. I thought things were going to work out with us. It seemed like he really liked me.

“He was really nice in the messages saying he missed me and how beautiful I was.

“He loved the fact I was blonde and told me he loved my body.

“He really liked my thighs. I don’t know why, they are quite large but he really liked them.

“I told my friends that I thought things were going well between us.

“The most upsetting thing was that he kept his girlfriend secret and gave impression the we had something.

“I think he’s a d***head, an a***hole. It makes me angry.

“He’s really vain I don’t want to make his head bigger than it is.

“He thought because he was famous he can play me.

“It’s bad enough he was paying me for my time then saying he liked me.

“But then he went back to his girlfriend who was clueless.

“Nothing from his side was sincere. It’s not gentlemanly when you have a girlfriend.

“I don’t think he had any respect for me or his girlfriend.”

I have a feeling that this girl was paid a lot of money for this story, much more than Alexis paid her lol! And to be honest I’m not sure if it’s really cheating when you are technically single, and have only just recently met your current girlfriend.

I think two-timing is more accurate, but why on Earth would he have to pay for it? That I am confused about…

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6 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez caught cheating and paying student for sex

  1. Well if Rooney can cheat on his wife with prostitutes which he paid for why should it be so hard to believe that Sanchez could cheat on his girlfriend and pay for sex? I think you’re putting Sanchez on a medal stool mate!

    People pay for sex because it’s quicker than wining,dining and going on a series of dates to make the girl feel special before the deed. I can believe this story. He saw a girl he liked and wanted to get with her the same night. He offered money to a girl who probably does a 9-5 job, offering her and a friend a figure close to half their monthly wages for 20 minutes.

  2. Lol, he paid her and she thought it was a relationship??
    How did he play her if he paid her?
    This chick is just stupid.
    And ofcourse afterwards a typical female thing to do in a rage, go to the papers and earn even more… what a low-life!

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