Alex Gerrard hates WAGs and their gossip!

Alex hates WAGs!
Alex hates WAGs!

The Liverpool FC midfielder Steven Gerrard’s missus, Alex Curran, is sick to death of all the gossip going around about her marriage being in trouble, and blames the other WAGs for making up the stories, according to a “close friend” in today’s Daily Star.

The friend is quoted as saying: “Quite a lot of other WAGs are bitching behind Alex’s back. She is just ignoring them but she’s not happy with it. Alex hates being called a WAG and hates what they stand for. She is a model and journalist and doesn’t get the mentality that WAGs should stay at home or just go to lunch.

“A WAG’s fella earns more in a week than most people can dream of bringing home in a couple of years so they all live in a bubble.

“They all pore over the newspapers and magazines to count how many times they’ve been photographed. It’s a very bizarre world.

“They have nothing better to do than gossip and be bitchy. But when they meet it’s all air kisses and admiration for each other’s latest outfits. It’s all so false.

“Alex doesn’t like that lifestyle and doesn’t want any part of it.’’

Why can't they be happy for us?
Why can't they be happy for us?

Alex, who has often been called the Queen of the Liverpool WAGs, admitted in her column in Okay magazine that she is sick to death of all the rumours.

She wrote: Last week Steven and I were papped leaving the restaurant supposedly looking glum, but we weren’t at all! I couldn’t believe they wrote that – we were fine, we were just walking out to the car! I’m getting sick of all these rumours about us going around – we’re happy and I wish people could just be happy for us!

It doesn’t sound like she will be having a night out with the girls anytime soon then!

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