‘Wild Thing’ Imogen Thomas Rides Again In Vegas

It appears as though Imogen Thomas has well and truly forgotten about a certain Mr Ryan Giggs as she holidays in Las Vegas. She has been seen riding a bucking bronco and she has also taken part in some pole-dancing classes at a strip club!

Thomas, 28, first shot to fame when she appeared on the reality TV show Big Brother was dressed in just a black vest with the words ‘I have sinned’ emblazoned across her ample chest, black knickers, fishnet stockings and black high heeled shoes, and left little to the imagination of anyone that saw her.

She looked as though she was having a great time and has been posting tweets on her Twitter page about her time in Vegas. She tweeted on Friday, “Ohhh bad head” and on Saturday she posted, “I love this place.”

She certainly looked at home during her pole-dancing class and looked a natural, but she did not last long on the bucking bronco and was soon thrown from the ride and ended up flat on her back. Careful I know what your thinking!

It is good to see her moving on, after all it was Ryan Giggs that slept away from home not her, but the latest pictures will do little to help her image after what has happened in the last year, but it looked as though she couldn’t care less. Go for it Imogen!

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