Vanessa Perroncel bedded SEVEN Chelsea players!

The revelations about the young French lady that had an affair with the Chelsea captain, Vanessa Perroncel, continue to be revealed in all the tabloids, and the Daily Mail says it has information that she had “affairs” with SEVEN Chelsea players, as well as the famed two-year relationship with the Steps singer Lee Latchford Evans.

Her uncle, Bernard Perroncel, tried to explain her way of thinking last night.

‘Obviously from an early age Vanessa realised the power of money and the effect it can have on people’s lives,’ he said.

‘She saw what money problems had done to her parents’ marriage and her father, and she never wanted it to happen to her.

‘After her father’s funeral Vanessa made the decision to leave France and move to England because she wanted a better life.

‘Certainly, she was very pretty and very charming, like her mother, and she decided to use those attributes to her advantage.’
Lee Latchford Evans also gave an insight into her personality last night.

He said: ‘Vanessa is the type who likes to be looked after, to be treated well. You have to have money to be able to do that.

‘That’s what she always wanted. That’s what she is about.

‘She was always going to move on to bigger fish. I gave her a taste of celebrity and she wanted more.

‘Footballers earn so much money. She knew how to climb the ranks.”

‘She was always going to be with someone who could look after her and who was very good at what they do. She found that with me, and she’s found that with other people.’
It seems that the first Chelsea player she got involved with was Eidur GudJohnsen before meeting Wayne Bridge, who became the father of her baby.

When she split up with Wayne it is alleged that John Terry used to pop around the corner to give her a shoulder (!) to cry on.

There was also Adrian Mutu, and a fifth player that can’t be named yet due to an injunction. The Mail also says they have information about yet another two Chelsea players that got involved.

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