“Sex Pest” Crouch to marry pregnant Abbi Clancy

Pete & Abbey Before
Pete & Abbey Before
The Tottenham striker Peter Crouch made a right fool of himself when he had too much to drink in Madrid last month, but despite his drunken antics, his fiancee Abbi Clancy has forgiven him, revealed she is pregnant, and avowed to go through with the wedding!

One girl that Crouch accosted in Madrid says that he was acting like a drunken “sex pest”. Jo (a nurse) said: “I spotted Crouch doing his famous robot dance trying to impress a bunch of lads.

“Soon afterwards I was chatting to another guy who took me over to meet him.

Claudine Keane gets a new modeling job (and slags of the French!)

The Irish international striker Robbie Keane is on holiday from his duties for Tottenham (although Celtic are still trying to get him to return to Scotland), but his gorgeous wife Claudine is still as busy as ever!

She has just got herself a new job working with Ultimo’s promoting their Adore Moi line, so there will be lots more pics of Claudine in her underwear around soon!

Michelle Mone OBE, the creator of Adore Moi by Ultimo, said: ‘Claudine is a beautiful woman and we’re delighted to have her on board for the next Adore Moi by Ultimo campaign.’

World Cup WAGs – Abbi Clancy (England)

The Tottenham striker Peter Crouch may be the lankiest England international ever, but he also has the classiest WAG in England by a long distance. Abbi Clancy is tiny in comparison to the big man, but she is certainly a lot easier on the eye!

She was chosen by Umbro to represent England in their new World Cup casual wear series, and she did the English proud, as you can see by the photo on the left.

Abbi Clancy & Mrs Clichy in sexy Umbro World Cup photoshoot (video)

Abbi doing her bit for England!
Abbi doing her bit for England!

Umbro have got seven of the sexiest WAGs from around the World to star in a photoshoot to publicise their new collection of designer football shirts made especially for the 2010 World Cup.

The fiancee of Tottenham and England star Peter Crouch has been chosen to represent England (and she is a very good choice I might add!)

The wife of Arsenal’s Gael Clichy (Charlene Suric) is also very cute in representing France, and the representatives from Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Uruguay are also extremely tasty!

Claudine Keane wins top modelling contract

One hot lady!
One hot lady!
The Tottenham striker Robbie Keane is presently on loan at Celtic, but as his footballing career slowly winds down, his wife Claudine is gradually moving up in the modelling world.

She has just landed a “six-figure contract” with the Glasgow-based celebrity lingerie brand Ultimo, following in the footsteps of such famous names as Melinda Messenger and Helena Christensen, so it seems it has definitely been good for her career to make the move to Scotland.

Claudine doesn’t like to be called an airhead WAG, and is proud that she has been a professional model since she was 15 years-old, and also found time to get a first class degree in economics and finance at Dublin University.

Lampards Ex has a night out with Abbi Clancy

The ex-fiancee of Frank Lampard has vowed that she is over her relationship with the Chelsea star, and was out on the town with Tottenham star Peter Crouch’s fiancee Abbi Clancy.
ClancyAnd Rivas
The glamorous WAGs looked like they had a great night in the Whiskey Mist nightclub in London, and were joined by Lampard’s team-mate and captain, John Terry.

Elen, who has been doing some modeling jobs to earn some of her own money, said recently: “I’ve moved on in my life – and I am pleased Frank is doing the same.

Serial WAG Danielle Lloyd is now living with Jamie O’Hara

The sexy WAG and model Danielle Lloyd has turned over a new leaf and curbed her partying days. She has now settled down with the Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara, but, as the Sun reports, she is still following her career as a mouthwatering model.

Their article said: JAMIE O’HARA clearly doesn’t mind his missus continuing her glamour career.

The Pompey ace, who’s on loan from Spurs, has been dating DANIELLE LLOYD since March and the pair recently brought a new pad in Berkshire.

And, thankfully for her fans, Jamie is encouraging her to do what she does best – posing in her smalls.

Robbie Keane’s wife Claudine loses her baby fat in record time!

ClaudineKeaneThe Daily Mail was extremely impressed with the way that Claudine Keane went out looking as slim as ever just 13 days after giving birth to little Robbie.

Their report said: For some women fitting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes can take years, if indeed they ever manage it.

But WAG Claudine Keane showed off her incredibly slender figure in a fitted pink Matthew Williamson dress on Friday – just 13 days after giving birth to her first child.

On the arm of her husband Robbie Keane, the 25-year-old blonde showed no hint of the bump which until recently housed their seven pound five ounce son.

Abbey Clancy bikini pics!

Abbey on holiday
Abbey on holiday
No wonder the Tottenham striker Peter Crouch has decided to marry his luscious girlfriend Abbey Clancy, she seems to get better looking every year!

She has been doing lots of modeling jobs lately, and the photographers always seem to like putting her in a bikini for the photo-shooys, and i can understand why. If i was put in that position i’d get her into a bikini like a shot!

So i decided to find a pic of her on holiday and not made up for the camera, and i think she is just as beautiful without the makeup lady hovering around.