Presenting Natalie Suliman, Kieran Richardson’s WAG

The Sunderland midfielder Kieran Richardson may not be the most famous player in the Premier League, but he certainly has one of the hottest girlfriends!

Natalie Suliman is the newest body to advertise Marks & Spencers, so even if you don’t know her by name, you have certainly seen her boobs plastered on billboards all over the country.

But Natalie is not just an airhead, as she has set up her own charity (called Sky High) to help build up the self-esteem of teenage girls from deprived areas, and she happily gives out health tips and dieting advice to

WAG walks down Oxford Street in her undies at CHRISTMAS!

I don’t know how much they are paying her, but Sunderland striker Kieran Richardson’s girlfriend, Natalie Suliman, must have earnt every penny when she spent the day walking up and down Oxford Street in December to advertise lingerie for M&S.
When she first stated her campaign with Marks And Spencers their sales of lingerie went up a massive 163%, so she is obviously extremely popular with the lads (and ladies as they are doing most of the buying!)

The walking in the cold (I bet that made a couple of her attributes stand out!) was to publicise a new service where a couple of male models (see below) help the ladies pick out some special underwear for Christmas.