“Super injunction” footballer revealed as Ryan Giggs

GiggsIn an amazing move the Sunday Herald has taken a big chance by revealing that the footballer behind the “super injunction” involving the Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.

There is absolutely no way they are saying that Ryan Giggs had an affair with Imogen, they are simply revealing the alleged name of the footballer behind the super injunction.

There reasons for putting the story on the front page is very simple; the knowledge is already in the public domain of information on the internet.

Paul McBride, the legal eagle at the Sunday Herald told the BBC: “Every child in the country with a mobile phone can now access the internet or twitter and find out who this individual is. The idea that the mainstream can’t report it is frankly absurd. “

To be honest, without the lifting of restrictions by the court we can’t even say for sure that Giggs really is the plaintiff. All we can say is that the rumours on the internet are saying it is him!

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