Nacho Monreal’s stunning Spanish Beauty

Nacho monreal WAGNacho Monreal has had an excellent season at Arsenal and has earned himself one last big contract with the Gunners this season, and we are certainly glad to have him staying with the side, especially as he always has the stunning Spanish beauty, Isabelle Lopez Ramos, alongside him when they join the other WAGs at team celebrations.

She has that classic girl-next-door wholesomeness about her that makes all red-blooded men not be able to miss taking another look when she comes in their field of vision. But she also has that hot model look especially if you put her in an electric pink bikini.

Isabel nacho 1It would seem the couple are very private and it is very difficult to find any personal details about the sexy Spaniard online but I am sure that Nacho looks after her very very well, as anybody would if they managed to pull such a lovely lady.

The good thing is that we will see the pair of them around for the forseeable future. I bet she livens up the Gunners Christmas parties!

Isabel ramos Nacho

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